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Motorcycling is growing in popularity, but with more riders comes the potential for more accidents. In 2014, 43 riders died as the result of a motorcycle crash with over 1,000 being injured, costing $104 million in ACC claims.

Motorcycles have the highest level of risk per kilometre travelled and are 19 times more vulnerable riding a motorcycle than driving a car. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk on NZ roads, mainly due to having a lower level of occupant protection than is provided by a car. In addition, a motorcycle is less visible to other road users than a car or a truck.


Motorcycle Projects

Motorcycle Training Weekend

Roadsafe Taranaki funds up to four Motorcycle Riding Days based at the Waitara Kart Club per year. The training is usually run over the summer months and is free of charge for participants. New Plymouth Injury Safe coordinates the training days, with each day including theory, mechanical, clothing and cornering and finishes with a one and a half hour road ride. Local riding instructors and motorcycle retailers deliver the course with each participant then encouraged to graduate up to the Ride Forever training that is partially funded by ACC.

For more information on the free training days at the Waitara Kart Club contact or Taranaki Rider training at

Ride Forever Rider Training

ACC developed and established the Ride Forever branded national motorcycle training programme. It offers rider support as they progress through the licence stages. From learning how to keep yourself safe on the daily commute to honing the most advanced riding techniques, there’s a Ride Forever course to suit your needs. Ride Forever courses also fit NZTA’s Competency-based Training and Assessment requirements for licensing. To find out more visit

Competency based training & assessment

Competency-based training and assessment gives you an option to have your riding skills assessed by an approved assessor instead of taking the practical riding test. To find our more view the brochure;


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