Individuals & Students

The driver is responsible for his or her actions while driving on the road, in spite of the actions of other drivers. Driving on our roads today involves facing many hazards and an increasing amount of traffic. Motorists need to be more aware, concentrate on their driving and know what is going on around them while they drive.

Look after your vehicle

Look after your vehicle by having it regularly serviced. A serviced, warranted and registered car is far more likely to be safer and less likely to have faults than a poorly maintained or unwarranted vehicle. If cost is a barrier to you taking your vehicle in for a regular check-up, then have a talk to your local mechanic, you may be surprised at the type of deals they could offer. Some may even suggest another company who doesn’t charge as much.

What Help Can We Get for a Road Safety Project?

Roadsafe Taranaki has a number of options to support and help schools or community groups with road safety projects. Check out our Campaign and Resources tab on the front page of our website to see what sort of resources and funding could be available for your project. Many of these can be adapted to fit with individual needs.

Please contact a member of our team.

Driver Training

Roadsafe Taranaki funds an annual Advanced Driving Course for young or inexperienced drivers. This includes theory, interactive activities and two short practical courses on emergency braking and cornering. The venue is rotated between New Plymouth, Hawera and Stratford. The course will be advertised via radio, newspaper, workplace, secondary schools, Roadsafe Taranaki website/Facebook and posters.

To register your interest for any future driving courses we may run, please send an email to one of our team. Driver training in Taranaki is provided by a range of organisations and their details can be found on the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Driver Licensing

Taranaki is a rural region with limited access to public transport. The region workforce is very reliant on farming and the oil and gas industry so being able to drive is crucial for employment and everyday life.

Roadsafe Taranaki supports a number of driver licensing programmes around the region. Contact us to find out who delivers a course that would suit your needs.

Supporting Road Safety

There are a number of ways you can support road safety in Taranaki. This includes promoting the Taranaki Road Safety Workplace Charter in the community and supporting road safety events in your district.

We also welcome you to pass our details on to possible sponsors or funders of road safety programmes, or forward any road safety notices/flyers onto your own local networks.