About This Project

While you are driving, you must not create, send, or read a text message on a mobile phone or use a hand-held mobile phone to make or receive a phone call. This includes accessing online services in any way.

Distraction occurs when a driver’s attention is diverted away from concentrating on driving, towards competing events, objects or people.

In 2014, driver inattention/distraction was a contributing factor in 20 fatal crashes, 159 serious injury crashes and 873 minor injury crashes.

Distraction Projects

Mobile phone use

A campaign targeting drivers who continue to flout the law and place other road users at risk while they continue to use their mobile phones while driving is in place. This campaign is a collaboration between the NZ Police, Roadsafe Taranaki and volunteer groups like Students Against Dangerous Driving. Spotters are used to identify offending drivers and a warning letter is sent to the owner of the vehicle stating where and when the vehicle was spotted and the consequences of driving while using a mobile phone.

Turn your phone off while driving or utilise your providers services, such as Vodafone’s Drive Safe if your phone has this capability.


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