Older Drivers

About This Project

Because the effects of ageing can sometimes affect a person’s ability to drive, there are special licence renewal conditions for older drivers.

  • You need to renew your driver licence at ages 75 and 80 and then every two years after that.
  • Before your driver licence expires, the NZTA will send you an Application for Renewal of Driver Licence form. You’ll also receive a brochure that will tell you everything you need to know to get your licence renewed.
  • You will need to book an appointment with your doctor to get a medical certificate for a driver licence. During your appointment, your doctor will discuss your present state of health with you and test your eyesight.
  • They will recommend whether you are:
    • medically fit to drive
    • medically fit to drive with conditions (such as corrective lenses, time-of-day restriction, distance restriction).
    • medically fit to drive but referred for an on-road safety test.
    • to be referred to a specialist (such as an optometrist or occupational therapist driving assessor) for further assessment – your doctor will advise you of the results.
    • not medically fit to drive.

If your doctor decides you are medically fit to drive, he or she will give you a medical certificate for a driver licence. You will then need to renew your licence at a driver licensing agent.

Older Driver Projects


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