2023 Free Advanced Driver Training 18 & 19 February

2023 Free Advanced Driver Training 18 & 19 February

The 2023 Roadsafe Taranaki Advanced Driver Training weekend is here again, being held at Pukekura Raceway in New Plymouth on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February.

The course is an advanced driver training day with a focus on what to do in an emergency (usually not covered when you learn to drive).

The course includes:

  • Pamphlet with some driver behaviour and rule understanding questions (5 sections of 4 or 5 questions – and we have people there to help with answers),
  • Interactive activities,
    • eg Blind Spot for Truck Drivers (Symons Truck on site),
    • Driveway runover demo,
    • Decepta car – the one star car on the tv advert,
    • Online activities/videos and the
    • Seatbelt Simulator.
  • We also have the two practical sessions:
    • Emergency braking (how and what to do in an emergency)
    • Cornering (understanding understeer and oversteer) and how to correct yourself if you make a mistake taking a corner (slalom type course)

The course will take approximately 2 hours to complete (depends on how long you talk to some of our amazing volunteers and experts).

The course is aimed at Learner or Restricted drivers, but also inexperience drivers or those that want to learn a new skill.  The course is free but bookings are essential as there is limited spaces available per day.

If you are keen, then email info@roadsafetaranaki.nz the following information:

  • Name (first and last) of person undertaking the course
  • Preferred day (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Preferred time (Saturday starts at 10am and last booking at 3pm, Sunday starts at 9am with last booking at 2.30pm) – There is 3 spots available every 15 minutes
  • Age
  • Type of licence held (Learner, Restricted, Full, International)
  • School (or study/work) if applicable
  • Postal address
  • Email (we send a survey out approx 3 months after to ask if you have needed to use the skills learnt
  • Cellphone (we send a reminder text the night before your booking) Day you want (Sat or Sun)

One of our team will contact you via email to confirm your booking.